Relaunch - new Modpack?

  • New Modpack - FTB Continuum 5

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    Hello everyone,

    Some players asked us to maybe launch a new modpack, because mostly everyone achieved everything there is to do in FTB Revelation.

    Sadly I have to agree to that - FTB Revelation is very easy and has multiple mods for similar purposes.

    Amongst other things we got a recommendation to use a "Script Modpack", that uses quests to guide you through all the mods it has - FTB Continuum would be a choice for that (before Revelation we already had Stoneblock), but also SevTech: Ages (though it is very susceptible to lag in multiplayer servers).

    That's why we're asking you for your opinion in this poll:

    • Should we end FTB Revelation (archive) and continue with FTB Continuum?
    • Should we keep running FTB Revelation normally?
    • Do you have a different recommendation (this would start a new poll)?
    • Should we run both modpacks simultaniously?

    The last option is possible, because we "only" use 13GB of 32GB RAM on our server. Although, this could seperate the players on two servers, etc.

    So, pound your keyboards and write us your opinion!

    Your TechnicCraft! Team

    thx to jead for the translation!

  • FTB Infinity evolved
    FTB Regrowth
    Are modpacks that are also a challenge aaand include magic.
    Continuum is a good modpack, but not for me. I enjoy the magical side of things and am far from finishing everthing there is to do in that regard.